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Using Tree-Land Property

            Over the years, hundreds of young people, Scouts, and their leaders have camped on the Tree-Land Foundation’s Myersville property.  The land is always available to youth organizations (like Scouts) at no charge.  When youth groups are NOT camping there, the Foundation permits limited bow-hunting in season but forbids gun-hunting.

            The 80 acre property is a mixture of dense forest, open fields, hills, and flatlands.  Much is accessible by car (four-wheel drive is recommended).    Middle Catoctin (kah-TOK-tin) Creek flows through the property, and has parts that are deep enough for swimming and fishing.  The property is about 3 miles east of the Appalachian Trail where it crosses Interstate 70W.  An abundance of wildlife has been observed:  deer, wild turkeys, fox, beavers, rabbits, black bear (occasionally), and coyotes (have been heard!).

From a camping standpoint, the property is “primitive,” i.e. there are no bathrooms, electricity, telephones, buildings, nor facilities of any kind.  However, located near the street entrance to the property are 2 gas stations, a Burger King, and a McDonald’s restaurant.  The (Excellent!) Myersville Volunteer Fire Company and Rescue Squad is located ¼ mile from the entrance to the property on Rt. 17 in the Town of Myersville .  The 2 nearest hospitals are less than 20 minutes away in Frederick and Hagerstown . 

Groups, WITH adult supervision, are permitted to camp anywhere on the property, dig latrines, build and cook over open campfires, “trench” their tents, chop-down dead trees, cut firewood, fish, and practice a wide variety of other outdoor skills.  It’s a GREAT place for winter camping!

Arrangements to use the property can be made (even on short notice) by calling Bob Martin at (301) 471-9998 or writing to the Tree-Land Foundation, P. O. Box 535, Myersville, MD 21773.  More than one group at a time is able and welcome to use the property. 

In addition to camping, the Foundation’s property has been, and is always available as, the host to many Eagle Scout Projects.  Contact information is as above.

Click here for a map to the property.  


                    Our Philosophy - R. Martin

                                "If you want to touch the past... touch a stone.

                                   If you want to touch the present... touch a tree.

                                            If you want to touch the future... touch a child."



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